How To Describe A God


(Art By: Erebusodora)

I’m always asked by non-pagans ”Why Loki?” or ”What is Loki like?”. Oddly, those are the questions that always stump me the most. I feel like I could go on for days about how He is but when it comes to actually describing, where do I begin? I fumble somewhere between the words and end up laughing nervously while scratching the back of my head, like an idiot. I’d like to think it’s because any Deity/God is hard to describe because they come in so many flavors and styles. No Deity presents the same as the other and even vice versa between sharing experiences with the same Deity. I’ve learned over the years to appreciate each and every little experience in my UPG and to hold them close to my heart. Some things are too personal to share or may take away the magic when you share ┬áit with everyone. This poses the question again, what is He like?

Granted, this is all my UPG…so that from it what you will.

Loki is the bitter taste from the first sip of coffee in the morning. Warm, inviting and soothing, yet the hints of bitter blackness can make you aware. You know this will both relax and energize you but too much can devastate and yet you get addicted to this kind of caffeine.

Loki is a cheap wine that is full of delightful flavor but does the trick to get you drunk, fast.

Loki is a hot summer day. You sit out in the heat, sweating and miserable yet you welcome it’s burn and sting. It feels good to you, you always want more.

Loki is understanding what you want and never having it. Because what you want and need are two different things that He will make you aware of.

Loki is both the curiosity that killed the cat and the satisfaction that brought it back.

Loki is your favorite pair of shoes that leaves blisters behind on your feet. Yet you wear them anyways.

Loki is the cheat day that lasts all week on your diet.

Loki is the courage that burns inside you when you are scared.

Loki is the ringing notion to always make waves, even if it means your ship will overturn. You know how to swim.

Loki is your favorite worn out blanket. Warm and enveloping, fresh from the dryer. You don’t mind the tears and holes..it looks better that way.

Loki is everything you never wanted to say and all you could never stop talking about.

Loki is the song on repeat that isn’t your favorite but the tune is so catchy you always sing it’s words.

But for me, Loki really is coffee. I love coffee. It’s warm, bitter, awakens me and also helps me sleep. Coffee is there when I need it, there when I don’t. I still drink it, drown in it and take it in. Sometimes my coffee is very sweet and sugary, sometimes it’s dark, twisted and bitter. Either way is fine, it’s my coffee. It gives me the energy to laugh loudly at the dumbest jokes, to listen in when no words are needed and to speak the truth as I taste that bitter coffee on my tongue.

I suppose when people ask me to describe Him, I could simply say..Loki is coffee.



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