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Pop! Culture Goes The Loki..

Doesn’t Matter How We Got Here….

Pop culture. We live it, breathe it and talk about it. It’s everywhere we are and takes us places we wanna be. In forms of blogs, television and movies, pop culture can’t be avoided! But what about pop culture and Deity? Even more Loki? As a devotee of the Trickster Himself, I teeter-totter a lot on my thoughts of pop culture media and Himself being mixed up around it. Some good, some bad. I have to accept that He comes in different forms now. I must adapt and evolve just as He must.

I hold a pretty strong opinion on Marvel and their adaptation of Loki. Personally, I don’t like Hiddleston and I think Marvels idea of Loki can be pretty problematic. However, my thoughts aside: It is a modern-day representation of Loki. A channel that opens up opportunity for people to read about Loki, learn His tales and even learn to honor Him. I prefer a more traditional approach to Loki but who am I to deny a Deity His air time? It makes a person wonder. With all this pop culture circling around various Gods now, maybe They have a hand in this? American Gods is a good example. With the TV show now airing, people want to watch and read the book and thus doors of opportunity are open to Gods to accumulate more followers. I believe that Gods need us as much as we need Them. Our devotion and practice keeps Them alive and well. So why not reach out through popular media for a few more followers? Makes sense to me and after all, stranger things have happened.

You will meet people in the Pagan and even more Heathen community that will tell you finding these Gods through TV and movies is wrong. Don’t listen to them. Gods call to us in any form they possibly can. For me, it was a nagging thought of Loki that never went away until I started my first steps into research on Him. No matter how you got here, you are welcome here and your methods of discovery are no less valuable or meaningful than any others. Don’t let hate invalidate your experiences.

Old and forgotten Gods are finding new blood lines through media. It’s a pretty ingenious method.

Keeping that in mind, the way we practice has gone digital now. Blogs are used as forms of devotion, e-shrines for the masses and music on iTunes are a wide variety of ways pop culture has snuck itself into Paganism today. A lot of us rely on these methods to keep up with our practice because frankly, we work and have school and family lives. We don’t live like the Vikings anymore. Thus again, we adapt and evolve. I’ll never understand anyone who turns their nose up to this inevitable truth. Times are changing and so are our Gods. In order to stay alive, we have to change with our surroundings. That isn’t giving up or giving in, that’s making sure we keep up with the world, rather than falling off it. If you think for a moment Gods don’t understand that, I beg to differ my friend.

Coming back around to Loki, He loves the attention dearly. Why wouldn’t He? Look at how many people find interest in Him suddenly thanks to pop culture! Has this lead to some unsavory thoughts on Loki’s folk? Yes, sadly but we carry on per usual. I like to think of Loki’s folk as survival of the fittest. Those who admire and want to honor Loki because of an actor they find attractive will not expect the many facets that Loki comes in. The jokester, the lover, the pain in the ass and the world breaker. Thus, they drop off, leaving those around with us who have stuck around because they lived beyond the hype of a movie. Hey, if your version of Loki is Hiddleston, knock yourself out! I don’t care, no one should. I simply take slight aim at the 15 minutes of fame followers. They come, they go. We maintain.

I know a lot of people whose devotional spaces and altars are pretty much Marvel Loki and Marvel Thor. Personally, I wouldn’t have that stuff on my own. Variety is the spice of life! Even if I wouldn’t place those, I’d defend someone who did. Again, are we really in a place to judge the likes and such of Deity? I don’t think so. If Loki enjoys Marvel and other pop culture variations than let the man have His stuff! It always baffles me when I see people in the community come down on someone’s practice because they don’t like something someone did. Granted, I am opinionated when it calls for it. I don’t like BS and I like people taking advantage of anything Loki. (I.E. the ”Loki made me do it” BS I see go around)

As elders and those in the community who have been around for a while, it’s our duty to set forth a good example. I say that a lot but it’s a point worth driving home each time. I can be very stubborn when it comes to Loki and my practice but I cannot and will not step on someone else’s. (Unless it’s problematic and harmful to the community).

I have come to accept pop culture and it’s hand in our Gods fates. I think we all should.

You’d be pretty surprised about how much cool pop culture stuff is out there surrounding Loki and other Gods. Baldr is two episodes from Hercules the TV show blew me away. Mainly because that was exactly how I picture Baldr. It was pretty neat to see my Gods on Hercules (even if the Loki was a little iffy!) American Gods, cartoons and other books all have neat ideas and representations we can learn and feed off of. Do some research and share ideas in your groups and community. There are a lot of people who are afraid to step up and speak up because of how they choose to see their Deity. Lets make it easier for them.

It doesn’t matter how you, I or anyone got this path or to your Deity. You are here and as long as you are enjoying yourself, knock yourself out and make the most of it.

Marvel, American Gods and even Hercules.

All the same Deity just different story.

Daily practice:

Research pop culture on your Deity. Watch a show they are in, find some fun books or ideas and let your mind go wild! If you are the artsy type, draw a pop culture idea of your Deity and have fun with it. Try new colors and shapes! If you like to write, write-up a pop culture idea of your Deity and don’t be afraid to share it!



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