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You Got Skills!


-What do you bring to the table?-

 It’s time to get those mad spiritual gains bro! 

Yes. I just wrote that.

Jokes aside, what do you, I or anyone bring to the big spiritual table? If you are wondering what I mean, it’s a matter of what do you contribute? That’s a pretty broad question so I’ll narrow this down to what I call ”Spiritual Assignment”. A job, a set of skills or path that Deity places us on. From big tasks to small ideas, it all counts towards a bigger picture in your life and on your own personal path of spirituality.

I’m a big believer in the idea that Deity(s) don’t let us just exist and take up space for space sake. I sorta think that it can be a belittling concept to the idea of a life form and the importance that we here on this plane of existence. Our lives are sadly often measured by the size of our bank accounts, the cars we drive and the neighborhoods we live in but those are simply the materialistic deeds that hold us down in the physical sense. Don’t get me wrong, my fiance’ drives a Porsche and it’s a wonderful car but he wont be buried with it and at the end of the day (sorry honey!) it’s just metal, wires and a motor. What we take with us to the life is memories and experiences. It’s important to remember to stay humble when it comes to items that can be bought, sold and thrown away.

That being said, spirituality is not something we can trash and destroy. Can you walk away freely from it? Of course. We all have our reasons why and its your life, walk away or stay. Thor isn’t gonna pull a Glock out and hold you hostage till you come back to spirituality. People need a purpose. We now this, I know this. We don’t like working at jobs with no direction or meaning, we don’t like joining clubs or groups that we can’t get behind or support in someway and we certainly don’t like wasting our efforts if the energy we put out is just sorta flopping around every where like a dying fish. Direction is good. As children, whether we can admit this or not, it’s psychologically proven that kids need direction and actually enjoy being ”treated like an adult” with tasks and responsibilities. Even into adulthood, most of us don’t like getting up at 5am to wonder around aimlessly. If there is an end goal in sight, we are more likely to work with purpose and be driven to our own success. 

This 100% applies to our spiritual sense of purpose and task. 

Almost 20 years ago when I took my first steps as a ‘baby Pagan’, I had no direction and no sense of fulfillment. No idea what I was doing and I’m pretty sure I probably pissed off a lot of Deities along the way! In fact, the lack of purpose and task brought me dangerously close to becoming Agnostic and or even an Atheist. (Cue Loki and gang here). Thankfully, that changed.  But even then I still wondered and needed an idea of purpose. You see, I’m a very black and white thinker. I don’t care much for gray areas and I prefer things to be out, open and clearly seen. I need direction, I need an end goal and I need a reason. 

I am truly the jack of all trades. I’ve worked different jobs, different hours and in different states. Yet nothing baffled me more than trying to understand what my spiritual purpose was. I tried the notion of maybe it’s through readings? (Though I am highly skilled with tarot) No..that didn’t fit. Maybe it’s making things? Eh..nope. I was pulling my own hair out at this point. It didn’t occur to me till later on that what I believe to be my spiritual purpose and skill is…what I’m doing right now! Writing and talking about Loki, Paganism and practice. I love these subjects and when I write I tend to enter into a trance like state. Which is wonderful because mediation and me don’t get along that well. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, that tingling of satisfaction and pride that comes from this kinda work. I had finally found my skill!

A lot of people can feel lost in their spirituality and in the community. It’s perfectly natural to feel that way and even more the times where we look at Deity like some kinda confused meme going ”what?”. Lets be honest, if you work with or honor Loki in any way, he isn’t exactly known for laying out clear instructions. At least for me. It’s cryptic and vague. I’ve rolled my eyes into another dimension over how He lays things out. I think He does this on purpose….*sigh*

So ask yourself. What are your skills? What are you good at with all this and do you think you have a purpose or task? If not, that’s ok. I’m really coming at this from an angle of hey reader, let’s get skills together! A lot of folks like to do things that are associated with their Deity. Some volunteer work, cooking, making items to sell and like me, writing. A good way to see if you do have a ‘task’ or ‘spiritual assignment’ is to perhaps ask Deity flat-out. Use whatever form of divination you use and go from there. Perhaps like myself it takes a lot of trial and error. I find utter fulfillment in what I do and it helps me feel closer to Deity through writing, rather than going through all this alone. So-to-speak.

Summer time is around the corner and that means ample chances to get out and explore the world around you! Look for local Pagan meet-ups and or events and see if you can offer any help or any workshops etc that surrounds you and your spirituality. Talk about what you know and do the research into ideas that can help give you tasks and ideas to fulfill work for and towards Deity. 

Everyone has skills and something to bring to the table! No matter how big or small it may seem to be. This also goes without saying to support each other. If you have the extra funds, pay for a reading from a friend, buy that devotional candle from a spiritual shop online to support their work as well or visit your local witchy shop and buy, buy buy local! Heck, you can even offer items and work for no cost if you just wanna do it for devotional. Just remember when you see friends and such advertising their hard work, we all need to eat and pay the bills! I don’t jive well with people who shame those who ask for payment for their services. ❤

If you are a jive turkey that doesn’t require spiritual tasks and direction, go you honey! I wish I had that kinda spirit! If you need a little push and some guidance, go you too! Lets get members jackets and do lunch about all this. Either way is perfectly acceptable. Deity is there to help guide and lead us down our paths. Take the help, make the initiative happen and never be afraid to grow and learn.

Bring those mad spiritual skills to the table and the community!

Daily Practice: 

Make a list of all the things spiritual you feel you are good at. Now make a list of things you feel you may need to work on! Are they connected? How can you improve on the things you want to? Loki is very keen on the idea of self honesty and reflection, so be honest with yourself. 

Now make a list of things you wanna try but have been holding back on! Set a schedule for yourself that you will try at least one of those things once a week. Keep track of your progress and frequently look back on your notes to see hoe far you have come and where you are heading!

Good luck!



One thought on “You Got Skills!

  1. This basically happened to me 5 years ago (Can’t believe I’ve been 5 years Lokean already). I had absoulety NO idea what my path was gonna look like. it was just throwing stuff at the wall and see what happens. Of course this was during the time a certain BNP was going around telling anyone that didn’t agree with them wasn’t “Doing it Right”TM. Loki and I found that I’m not too good with ceremonial rituals. I’m the simple basic type.


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