Check Your Ego, Amigo!


Ego, the reputation and spiritual killer.

This was an entry I was waiting to write, mainly because I know it stands the chance to ruffle a few feathers in the community. That’s fine. If your feathers feel ruffled than perhaps having a talk about ego in the community is something you should read. 

Recently I had talked a lot about social media in Paganism and it’s positive and negative effects it can have on us as a whole and as the individual practitioner. With outlets such as Facebook, WordPress and much more so Tumblr, it stands true to say that we all pretty much for the most part know each other, have heard of each other or have read each others writing. While media creates the chances for friendships and group building, it also acts a nasty little hive of hatred that can boil over and ruin the community for a lot of people.

The first thing that pops into my mind is a pretty popular blog on Tumblr that is called ”Pagans Uncensored” i’m sure you, the reader, have heard about this and have already visited, read and maybe even submitted. While I’m sure the initial premise of this blog was to create a safe space for anon’s in the community to blow off steam, over time it has become a cesspool of hatred, ugly behavior and digging on people’s faiths and practice. Truly, it sickens me and I wish that one day it is taken down. It’s for lack of better words and I pardon my French here, a shit show for the masses that does way more harm than good for anyone.

Call me a dreamer here but I don’t think something like that is needed or necessary. People complain enough on their blogs and pages about others and how things are done right or wrong or terrible someone is. Last I checked, the Pagan community was shat on enough from outside sources, misinformed television shows and the latest book about a fluffy witch and her talking cat. Call it maturity, call it clarity but it’s flat out ignorant.

This is where I bring ego into the mix. I hate to burst anyones bubble but being a ”big name Pagan” doesn’t get you far. Certainly doesn’t help your resume, college applications and finances. If you find yourself in the position of such a big name, enjoy it while you have it. You have the chance while under the spotlight to help make positive changes and be a good role model in the community. Do good with your 15 minutes of fame and don’t let it go to waste. I’m sure reader you are thinking what I am saying is harsh but for those like myself who have been in this game for a long time now, we know it’s truth. For the newbie, be ready. The community is always filled with drama and nonsense that can drive you away, make you question your practice and your sense of self-worth.

If I can teach you anything reader, it’s simply this:

You are you. Not you status in the community, not how many blog likes and follows you get and not how Sally Sue just wants to meet such a big name!

Also trust in this: The Gods don’t care how many followers you have and how many people like your posts. They just don’t.

Blog about your practice and beliefs because it makes you feel fulfilled not for a few clicks and subscribers.

Ego, my amigo, is the fastest way to lose track and destroy your spirituality and you can lose credibility with your Deity. I can’t speak for your Deity(s) but I am pretty sure we should also stay humble in our daily lives. Not to mention people pick up on your ego pretty fast and the next thing you know, you are getting trashed talked on a blog and all credibility goes straight down the tube. I promise that once you lose credibility in THIS community, oh boy, it’s a long journey to get it back.

I’ve seen big names go down in the flames of hate filled posts, Facebook status’ and private chats among friends. People don’t have to like you at all but you should consider your own reputation and credibility if you ever plan on being helpful and trustworthy in the community.

It also needs be to said that much of what we know about a lot of Deity(s) is UPG based and or SPG based. What works for me may not work for you but that doesn’t mean you get the ego out and make sure you tell people how wrong I or anyone else is.

Unless the practice is harming themselves and others, a legit danger, sometimes its best to look away and shrug. Not your practice, not your life.

Again, ego only gets you so far till the buck stops with your name in the mud. I then to think my reputation and being able to help people is far more important to me than how many people say my name and want to friend me.

Ego is the greatest killer. Don’t let it get to you.

Todays practice:

Meditate on your own ego. Dig deep within yourself and find honesty in things you feel you can be egotistical about. What about them can you toss in the ol’ trash bin? Are there things you can work on to diminish insecurity? Keep this in a journal log and reflect back in a few weeks to see how you did!



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